Nour Huda


Born in Beirut in 1995, Nour Huda is a Lebanese painter and digital illustrator who has been drawing and painting since her childhood days, long before receiving any formal training. In 2015, she earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, and later earned her Master’s in the same field in 2017 at the Lebanese University.

When it comes to her work, Nour is inspired by everything around her and within her: dreams, nightmares, music, current events, and a whole lot of imagination. Also, she is not afraid to tap into darker themes and explore them. Her most notable collections are “UTOPIA” and “OBEY”.

In 2017’s “UTOPIA”, Nour dives into the uglier layers of a dead-end future through tearing apart a pseudo Utopia, only to reveal the dystopian world and destructive nature of humans through a series of paintings, each reflecting a certain narrative within the theme. Later in 2018, Nour exhibited “OBEY”-- which is a series of self-portraits presented through the artist’s ‘psychological vision’--at P21 Gallery in London. In this collection, the artworks discuss the narrative of internal conflict and identity crisis in the light of burdening religion, environmental aspects, cultural ideologies, and one’s role within the social stratum: all piling over, eventually incasing and suffocating individuality in its freest form. The artworks are presented in a juxtaposition of figurative and abstract, non-representational forms.

In terms of executing her art, Nour finds that every piece demands a certain medium and technical approach. This is why it is common to find artworks produced in a variety of techniques and mediums; ranging from oils and acrylics, to mixed media, charcoals, and digital painting.

Despite her young age, Nour has won various awards on both national and international levels for her art and illustrations. Some of her artworks have been displayed in group exhibitions and magazines, mainly in Beirut and London. One of her paintings appeared in the first issue of Femini Magazine which was stocked at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. She has recently exhibited her artworks at the Parallax Art Fair in London, UK.
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